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Introducing Cradle's Pregnancy Resource Center

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Get to know the new Cradle Pregnancy Resource Center with a Q&A with Director Cheryl Sumitra

What services will Cradle's Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) offer?

The Cradle PRC will offer counseling and decision-making support to women who are pregnant and are feeling overwhelmed by their pregnancy. For those that are still decoding what to do about the pregnancy. we will meet with them to help them make an Informed decision. so they are aware of all of their choices. Cradle of Hope is a Pro Life organization that promotes choice from a strengths based perspective. Our goal is that every woman who comes through our doors will feel cared for. supported. and empowered as they look at their current life circumstances and make choices about their pregnancy. A person In crisis can't always take a step back and see things clearly. At Cradle PRC we will offer an environment in which women can do


In addition to crisis pregnancy counseling. Cradle PRC will be able to offer practical help such as pregnancy testing, housing assistance, parenting classes. and general family support. Some examples of general family support include: helping women apply for state assistance, subsidized child care, and subsidized housing. We will help with referrals for adoption assistance, birth support groups. doubts. adoption services. anger management. medical care. long term counseling. etc. Cradle PRC will also provide practical help in the form of a pantry visit or baby Items.

Can you tell use more about the need that precipitated the PRC?

Every week Cradle of Hope's Transitional Housing Program receives anywhere from 5-15 calls from women who are pregnant and In need of housing. The founder of Cradle of Hope, Michelle Nejman, heard of an organization. Real Alternatives. which provides funding or supportive services to Pro Life organizations offering pregnancy counseling and other services. We decided to try and obtain funding through this organization for a PRC so we could help all of the women who call in asking for help.

What intake the Cradle's PRC unique from Crisis Pregnancy Centers?

Our center will be unique because it will offer a continuum of care. We will be able to support moms from the time they find out they are pregnant up until their child is 1 year old. There are many agencies that either offer pregnancy counseling or housing, but now with both programs (the pregnancy resource center and the transitional housing program) Cradle of Hope can offer both.

Women that live at Cradle of Hope will be able to partake of any classes or trainings that the PRC runs and vice versa. Women being served through the PRC will be able to attend classes and trainings that the transitional housing program offers.

Cradle of Hope is excited to embark on this new adventure, as we feel that by adding a PRC to our existing program. we will be able to support more women in crisis in a very practical way and continue with our mission of preserving the sanctity of all human life.

Cradle Of Hope

Pregnancy Resource Center

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